Chilli Tuna (canned) on Mash

Can be whipped together in no time, inexpensive and not high in fat.

Elements of this meal can be pre-cooked and frozen.

I’m no Jamie Oliver as you can tell…

I’d love to tell you that the ingredients I use are healthy and ethical. But I know they aren’t — because I doubt there is such a thing anymore as ethical and organic.  Or, as it was once referred to in the good-old-days — FOOD 


Potato for Mash (portions depending upon how many individual serves).  

425G can of Tuna (drained)  Please use Tuna that is described as ethical – and keep fingers crossed the Tuna providers are ethical.

2 x 400G canned crushed tomatoes

2 x medium to large onions (diced)

One half garlic bulb (cut into smallish bits).  I use an entire bulb.

Fresh or dried chilli’s to taste (cut into 1/2cm slices)  I make my sauce hot!

One half lemon juice (small to medium lemon)

1 Clove

Teaspoon – tablespoon Oregano

Pinch Thyme

Salt and Pepper as you see fit.  I don’t bother with salt when using canned foods — but I’m not really a salt eater.  I don’t add pepper in this meal — but as with everything here, all your choice.


* I prefer to begin cooking the sauce before going near the potatoes — just to give it that little extra time to simmer.  However, Ive written this recipe as quick and simple.  Depending upon how quick you are with prep, this should take around thirty to forty minutes.  There is not a lot of fat in this meal and I estimate that the cost is around $3.50 (AUD) a serve.  Potatoes can be replaced with pasta if you prefer.

Potato Mash 

Peel potato(s) and begin steaming (or boiling) to make a standard everyday mash.

Tuna Sauce

On a medium heat, into a medium saucepan add a tablespoon or two of olive oil, fry diced onions, garlic and chilli until the onions have that nice whitish glow.

Empty contents of canned tomatoes into saucepan and stir for a minute or two allowing the ingredients to heat through.

Add the majority of tuna (saving a couple of tablespoons worth for your pet). Maggie LOVED Tuna!

Stir through and break up tuna as you go.

Add Oregano, Thyme, Clove and lemon juice.  Stir through.

Bring to simmer.

Place lid on saucepan, allow to simmer — remembering to stir a few times before serving.

When potatoes are cooked, simply mash with a bit of milk to make as soft as you wish. Remembering the Tuna sauce will also meld into the Mash.

Serve potato Mash into a bowl(s), or onto a plate(s).

Spoon the Tuna sauce onto the potato mash.  Add whatever garnish you wish — it’s all up to you.

Stir Tuna sauce through the mash if you like.


* This is a very simple, quick and in-expensive meal.  It’s not going to win awards on MKR.  The sauce will make around four largish servings or five medium to small serves. This meal can be frozen but the Mash is usually best served freshly cooked.